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    Partnership Publishing

    Partnership Publishing – Born out of the desire to protect authors and still give them the help they need, we created our partnership publishing program. The self [...]
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    Huge Author Promotion Opportunity

    3500 Books Sold in his last Author Promotion- Do I have your attention? I thought so. Bryan Cohen, of the Sell More Book Show and Build Creative Writing Ideas is opening his [...]
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    The Book Editor Show is Live

    [text_output]Excited to announce that the Book Editor Show is now live. You can listen by downloading the episodes to your favorite podcast player including iTunes. Or you [...]
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Josh Schwartzkopf

by Ryan Atwood in Authors

Josh Schwartzkopf Josh Schwartzkopf lives in Belleville, IL with his wife and son.  His first short story Vortex was featured in a military-themed science fiction anthology [...]


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  • nimoy
    Farewell Leonard Nimoy – Last week when the news reached me that Leonard Nimoy had passed away, I was profoundly affected. It’s odd to think that a man that I had no personal connection with could do that to me. We didn’t know each other. We didn’t travel in the same circles. I didn’t even know any of his family. In spite of all of that my heart hurt. I wanted to know why. Certainly the man was an icon and will continue to be one. I grew up watching reruns of the original Star Trek and I saw all of the films from Wrath of Khan onward in the theater. I realized that Nimoy had been more than just an icon to me, he had introduce me to a world that had the possibility to coexist in spite of differences. Nimoy’s passing also [...]

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    Cathleen Townsend

    11 June, 2015

    Cathleen Townsend Cathleen Townsend was born and raised in California. Her greatest passions are history, speculative fiction, and the incredible beauty of her home state. [...]
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     Book Promotion is Not Enough – Write the book, publish the book and get lots of readers. That’s what you’ve been after but it’s just not happening. Take a [...]